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Turbo Pascal programmation on Amstrad CPC by Nemo 59 : a hardware sprite editor, and more


Nemo 59 is programming in Turbo Pascal on Amstrad CPC a software : a hardware sprite editor for Amstrad CPC+, and much more. I invite you to go see his youtube videos and read his posts on CPCRulez.

He also wrote a pascal framework (TP-tools v0.2 with its documentation), the objective is to have a v1.0 with more pascal units, for Amstrad CPC and CPC+. TP-Tools v0.2 is actually organized in 4 units :

  • : graphics management
  • : sound management
  • keyboard and joystick management
  • : ASIC CPC+ management

Other pascal units will be added in the future v1.0 (UCrt, USprite, ...).

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