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Bloc us, a new Amstrad CPC demo showed at Evoke 2011


A new Amstrad CPC demo has been showed at the Evoke 2011 demo party by Benediction and Brainstorm (Krusty, Voxfreak and Ultrasyd) : Bloc us.

result of the CAT command with the Bloc us Amstrad CPC demo  loading screen of the Bloc us Amstrad CPC demo  title screen of the Bloc us Amstrad CPC demo

Contests results of the Amstrad CPC meeting ReSeT #0


Here are the results of the 4 contests of the ReSeT #0 meeting (and soon they will be available for download) :

  • demo : Krusty with the demo Les experts à Coutances
  • 4 Ko intro : Krusty with Still the best
  • graphics : Rahow with LittleDGirl (on CPC+)
  • music : McKlain with Take Off

See below for the photo of Krusty the winner (on the left), and Beb (on the right) who made a graph for the demo Les experts à Coutances.

Krusty to the left, Beb to the right

Amstrad expo is dead, long live ReSeT #0 !


Amstrad Expo is no more, but rejoice as ReSeT #0 is the new name of the Amstrad meeting organized by the tireless Eliot.

As usual you can expect a warm welcoming, good food, not much sleep (except if you are a sissy and use a bed), 4 competitions :

  • demo : runnable on CPC6128 or 6128 Plus, without any extension
  • 4 Ko intro : runnable on CPC6128 or 6128 Plus, without any extension. Maximum size is 4 Ko (4096 bytes)
  • graphics : all formats/modes are allowed. The entry must be submitted with its viewer program runnable on CPC or Plus
  • music : any executable music on CPC or Plus. The entry must be submitted with its player. No size limit

CPC Hardware will be given for free at the party-place: monitors, keyboards, floppy-drives, floppy-discs... All the parts from will be available to repair and upgrade your CPC with the help of hardware specialists.

The ReSeT Party will take place from Friday 24th (10:00) to Sunday 26th of June 2011 (18:00) at Foyer des Jeunes Travailleurs in Coutances. The price is 11 euros per day for the entrance, drinks and food. You can book a double room at the party place for 20 euros per night.

Please use the ReSeT #0 site to register if you intent to come, thanks in advance.

CPC Scene moves


CPC Scene moves to, update your bookmarks.

Soylent Green (just eat me !) by Supersly (Les sucres en morceaux)


You can download Soleil vert by Supersly (les sucres en morceaux), a graphic made for the Breakpoint 2010 meeting. By the way, Soleil vert is the french name of the science-fiction film Solyent Green with Charlton Heston in 1973. A very good film, I recommend seing it if you didnt yet.

This picture uses flipping to get 31 shades of green (CT65 monitor).

Soleil vert by Supersly

Amstrad CPC demos on CPC-Power


CPC-Power is the Amstrad program database made by (but not only) Kukulcan and Loïc Daneels. You will find there databases of games, archives (documents like the documentation of CPC), Gamebase CPC, ads, and lately they added an Amstrad CPC demos database. One future feature for this site is to add the demos to my own database, but I will have to find the time for this.

Sappy, an Amstrad CPC+ demo by Semilanceata (January 2007)


Sappy is a french Amstrad CPC+ demo by the Semilanceata group, released in January 2007.

You can see a video of Sappy on Google Video.

écran de la démo Sappy par Semilanceata

From Scratch, an Amstrad CPC demo by Vanity


From Scratch is a french Amstrad CPC demo by the Vanity demo group (Hicks and Beb) with sound by Tom & Jerry, a 6 mn multipart demo needing a CRTC 1 to run due to hardware tricks, also disable "Plus PPI emulation" if used with the WinAPE emulator (Go Settings then General).

Though you can see a video of From Scratch on Youtube, it will be better to use a real Amstrad CPC or an emulator.

screenshot of the From Scratch demo by Vanity screenshot of the From Scratch demo by Vanity

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