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New Amstrad CPC firmware by Syx et TotO


A new Amstrad CPC firmware is available, written by Syx and TotO.

This Firmware was designed to get a better support of RAM and ROM expansions. Looking the future, not the past.

It don't work with BASIC 1.0 and no more support Tape by default. (need a ROM to manage it, that allow to improve it as new storages too).

So, the actual target is all CPC with BASIC 1.1 and floppy or HxC drives.

New features are :

  • Display RAM (up to 576K)
  • Display CRTC version
  • Initialize up to 32 ROM
  • Boot with [ESC] initialize only ROM 0 & 7
  • Mouse support under BASIC (see the previous FW test)
  • Fix the FR chars table, so all keys are properly displayed
  • CTRL+keys give usefull chars

Beware, you must use the 16 Ko files with an emulator. 32 Ko ROMs are to be used with a real Amstrad CPC.

Loading screen of an Amstrad CPC with firmware v3.12

Bubble Bobble for cpc (bb4cpc) v9 is available


Cesar Nicolas Gonzales did update BB4CPC (v9) on the 7th July 2013.

The new version features : new overscan intro screen, new in-game tutorial (128k only), fixed water streams (ten blocks rather than just eight) and drowned enemies (water carries them now), minor changes in title screen and sprites, minor scoring overflow bugfixes, minor size and speed optimizations.

loading screenshot of the amstrad CPC game Bubble bobble 4 CPC

New games on the unofficial 3D Construction Kit website


3D Construction Kit was written by Incentive Software and published by Domark in 1991 on Amstrad CPC. This utility let you create 3D graphical adventure games.

New games are available for all platforms on which 3D Construction Kit was ported, including the Amstrad CPC, on the unofficial 3D Construction Kit web site.

CPCGamesCD updated by MiguelSky (July 2013)


CPCGamesCD (created by MiguelSky) is an ISO image including several emulators (Amstrad CPC and PCW), and a frontend to launch the included games, which comes from the NVG FTP.

Outerloop, a demo by thesuper released at DiHalt 2013


Trick or treat ! Well today it's not about an Amstrad CPC demo, but about a ZX Spectrum demo called Outerloop by thesuper, release at the DiHalt 2013 meeting at the start of July. It seems a nice demo to me (sound included).

Amstrad CPC demos showed at the Euskal Encounter 21 and a new adventure game


KaosOverride showed two Amstrad CPC demoes at the Euskal Encounter 21 meeting (25-28 July 2013 in Spain (northern coast): Phortem by NoRecess and Still Rising by Vanity in front of 5.000 attendees.

Kaos Override also showed his adventure game at the "Open Game Compo" of the meeting and won against productions made ​​for smartphones, PCs.

This adventure game "Marron en la Euskal" (Big problem at the Euskal) was made possible thanks to the graphics libraries made ​​by Artaburu. In this game you are a helper of the party, that lost some flash drives full of demos that are indispensable for the scene contest.

For the moment there is only a spanish version of this game, an international version should follow.

Responsive design on Genesis8 Amstrad Page, surf with phones and tablets easily


Small graphical redesign of the site using HTML5 and "responsive design" to allow better surfing on smartphones and tablets.

Later I will use the Bootstrap CSS framework for more features.

Also, only the latest 15 news items will be shown on this page. Older news items are available in the archives.

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