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A batman remake for MSX2 in December 2014

- is announcing a Batman remake for MSX2 in december 2014.

CP/M source code (v1.1, v1.3, v1.4 and v2.0) is avalaible at the Computer History Museum


The Computer History Museum let you download 4 versions of CP/M for a non commercial use : v1.1 (1975), v1.3 (1976), v1.4 (1978) and v2.0 (1979), but it was v2.2 which was available for Amstrad CPC.

Gary Kildall, the creator of CP/M is sadly not anymore with us since 1994.

A portable Amstrad CPC by Bryce, a dream coming true !


Bryce's last project that you will find on CPCWiki is something that will make you dream : a portable Amstrad CPC .

It will take time, but you can see some photos, it's only a start though, on the CPCWiki subject about the portable Amstrad CPC.

And if it's not too late, go see too the subject about the mouse adaptater for Amstrad CPC.

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