December 2005 archives

Amstrad CPC emulator CPCE v1.52

CPCE v1.52 with some bugs corrected, better sound and documentation.

Amstrad CPC emulator PC-CPC v0.1ai

The latest version of PC-CPC by Demoniak let you make an .AVI file of the emulated Amstrad CPC.

Source : Amstradeus

CoPaCabana v0.72

There is a new version of the Amstrad CPC emulator CoPaCabana for windows and PalmOS.

Christmas demo by Demoniak

Demoniak (Ludovic Deplanque) has written a small demo for christmas.

screen of the christmas demo by Demoniak  

Source : Amstradeus

ManageDsk v1.4b

A new version of ManageDSK by Ludovic Deplanque is out. It's a windows utility to manage .DSK files, extract and inject files in/from .DSK files. This version also permits to see DAMS files, disassemble a binary file, and manage disks of more than 42 tracks.

Source : Amstradeus

ConvImgCpc v0.9 is out

A new version of ConvImgCpc by Ludovic Deplanque is out. It's a windows xp utility to convert PC images to Amstrad CPC. This version features MODE 1 pictures with more than 4 colours (with a basic and asm loader).

16 colors image in mode 1 with ConvImgCpc   16 colors image in mode 1 with ConvImgCpc   16 colors image in mode 1 with ConvImgCpc   16 colors image in mode 1 with ConvImgCpc   16 colors image in mode 1 with ConvImgCpc

Source : Amstradeus

CPC TREX, a hardware Amstrad CPC "emulator"

The CPC TREX consists of the TOBIFLEX Amstrad CPC turbo core and the reconfigurable T-REX C1 board by TerasIC, which is based on the Cyclone FPGA by Altera. This is NOT one more CPC emulator but something like a real hardware CPC rebuilded with FPGA technology, which also includes some totaly new features and possibilities. The TREX C1 board is very small, an industrial production and it contains connectors to all the standard PC periphery like VGA monitors, PS/2 input devices and CF cards.

The T-REX already includes the whole functionality of the SYMBiFACE II extension card (with the exception of the RTC). It also includes a 12MHz Z80 Turbo Mode.

the T-REX C1 board by TerasIC   CPC TREX in action on LCD monitor

CPC Forever 2

The second issue of the german papermag CPC forever is available featuring

  • news
  • game reviews
  • an interview with Odiesoft
  • articles about SymbOS, CPC Trex, YazeAG (CP/M emulator), how to build a RGB cable, how to build a floppy drive side switch, cross development with Z88dk

CPCDiskXP v1.2 is out

A new version of CPCDiskXP is out, it's a windows xp utility which writes .DSK files on a 3,5" like cpdwrite.

Happy new year 2006

I hope you had a nice christmas, and I wish you a happy new year 2006 with more suprises for the Amstrad CPC like the IDE interface.

SymbOS beta is out

The first fully functional version of the SymbOS multitasking operating system can be downloaded now.

Joyce v2.1.8

The Amstrad PCW emulator Joyce has been updated to v2.1.8

CPCE v1.51

If you downloaded CPCE v1.50, then get v1.51 with bugs corrected.

CPC Game Reviews

CPC Game Reviews has 5 new reviews of french adventure Amstrad CPC games.

CPC Game Reviews

CPC Game Reviews has 13 new reviews of Amstrad CPC games.

Amstrad CPC 464 and Ipod

You have an Amstrad CPC 464 and and Ipod ? What about loading games on your Amstrad CPC 464 with the Ipod then ?

CPCE v1.50 and Justin

A new version of the Amstrad CPC emulator CPCE v1.50 is out. New features are game recording and playback, netplay, utilities CSW, LPTCPC, LPTREC and LPTPC, YMP features a "skin", faster FDC formatting, CSW tape saving, DOUBLE_SPEED is disabled when using tapes, DIRECT_TAPE becomes TAPE_BYPASS, compatibility modes, new GUI font and quick sort instead of bubble sort, and tons of bugfixes.

You will be also able to to download the final version of the 3D isometric game Justin which I announced on 12th November.

Menu of the game Justin   first room of the game Justin